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Washington residents have likely heard many excuses why parents refuse to pay child support. Some parents simply cannot afford to pay it, while celebrities and other millionaires still find ways to attempt to get out of it. The latest child support battle involves NBA star Steve Nash, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. He claims he should not have to pay his ex-wife any more child support, as she already made millions from their divorce settlement.

But don't think that Nash doesn't do his fair share. He already gives his ex-wife a monthly payment of $30,000 - and she still wants more. In addition, he pays for most of the schooling, medical expenses and extracurricular activities for his three children - twin daughters and one son. He also pays for a nanny for the children.

So why does his ex-wife need even more money? Reports indicate that she wants to move to Los Angeles. She currently lives in Arizona. However, Nash is afraid that giving his wife even more money will cause his children to become overly spoiled - something he wants to avoid.

Although Nash should be expected to pay a large amount of child support - since it is based on income - it seems as though he has paid his fair share. Many parents receive no child support at all from the other parent, so his ex-wife may be fortunate to receive so much financial support from Nash in light of other people's problems. Most parents would love to receive $30,000 a month in addition to a multi-million dollar divorce settlement.

Source: Christian Post, "Steve Nash Child Support Case Revolves Around 'Spoiled' Kids," Sami K. Martin, April 30, 2013