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Using Facebook for divorce and other legal issues

Many people going through a divorce already use social media to investigate an ex-spouse, especially in child support cases. Now, Washington residents may be able to use Facebook to initiate a divorce and serve papers to an estranged spouse. A woman recently got permission from a judge to serve her husband divorce papers via Facebook because it was the only way she could reach him.

The 26-year-old woman, who had been married six years, was only able to reach her estranged husband through a private message on Facebook. She and her husband were no longer living together and he was living homeless on the streets with no address or job. How was she supposed to divorce him if she couldn't even find him?

Helping Washington residents with common family law issues

Divorce is a common family law issue, but for Washington couples who have never experienced it, the process can be foreign to them. There are so many details to iron out, such as alimony, property division, child support and custody. It can be stressful enough just to think about how to manage everything. That's why it's important to have someone on your side who has experience dealing with various types of family law cases.

It's important to have someone represent you who has experience helping others with problem like yours. A good reputation is also crucial. If the lawyer of your choice has more negative reviews than positive ones, there's a problem. Talk to your friends, family members and neighbors to see who they recommend.

Correlation between domestic violence and child support

Sometimes when a Washington spouse decides to get a divorce, the other spouse fights back with threats. If children are involved, a spouse may tell the other that he or she will never receive child support. A spouse may also threaten that if the other spouse asks for support, he or she will lose child custody. This is a form of domestic violence that thousands of Washington residents have experienced. Read on to learn more about the correlation between child support and domestic violence.

Even if a spouse never hits or assaults the other spouse, he or she can still be accused of domestic violence. Domestic violence is all about control and an abuser can use money to control the other spouse. By taking away a person's access to money, the victim is forced to stay in a controlling environment.

March - not January - is peak month for divorce

Research and news sources have led many Seattle residents to believe that January is the top month for divorce filings. However, it seems that while the number of divorces tend to increase dramatically in January, Internet searches for divorce actually peak two months later - in March. In fact, searches about divorce tend to increase right after Valentine's Day. Read on to learn more about the statistics surrounding divorce.

Legal sites Westlaw and FindLaw studied divorce filings during the three-year period of 2008-2011 and found that divorces increase around Valentine's Day and peak in March. In fact, legal website Avvo.com notes a 40 percent increase of divorce questions in the days surrounding Feb. 14. This is likely because spouses experience a letdown when their Valentine's Day doesn't go as planned and they would rather spend the next one alone.

Dealing with family law conflict and other life challenges

Things may be going smoothly in your personal life until you are thrown a curveball. Your marriage may come to an end. You may be hit with a paternity claim out of the blue. You may hit a few snags in the adoption process. Life often brings challenges to Seattle residents and they sometimes turn into legal problems. But with our help, you can face them head on.

Divorce isn't simply a one-dimensional process. The end of a marriage can affect many aspects of one's life, especially if children are involved. Not only is there property division to contend with, but also child custody and child support. These are issues that require the assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

How to challenge inaccuracies in paternity testing

Confirming the mother of a child is a fairly easy task, but determining the father - not so obvious. However, determining paternity is an important task because it helps the child establish heredity and medical history. It also helps the mother, who may have a difficult time caring for a child alone, by legally forcing the father to provide financial support. In some cases, though, the wrong man is sued for child support. Paternity testing is extremely accurate, but nothing is perfect. Fortunately, Washington men wrongly accused of fatherhood can challenge the results.

If a man knows for a fact that a child is not his, he must look for evidentiary proof. Is the lab known for tainted or tampered test results? Maybe he never submitted to a test at all, meaning that the results would be fraudulent. Perhaps the mother was caught with other men while the man and woman were in a relationship. If a man is sterile or has a condition that has left him infertile, then there's very little chance that the child could be his, raising grounds to challenge the claim.

Man faces domestic violence, other charges for assaulting wife

A Washington woman recently experienced a frightening situation when her husband came home from work one day. He threatened her at gunpoint and assaulted her while he kept her hostage for two hours. The Tacoma man was arrested and now faces domestic violence and other charges for his actions.

The man is being charged with domestic violence, firearm possession, harassment, rape, assault and imprisonment after threatening to kill his wife. He held a gun at her head and when she attempted to yell for help, he wrestled her down to the ground while keeping her nose and mouth covered, preventing her from breathing.

Our philosophy when it comes to handling your family law case

If you're going through a divorce, you may feel alone. You're separating from your spouse and if there are children, even they may take sides and go against you. Friends may avoid you because they don't know what to say or do. Your family may make you feel like a failure for not trying harder to save your marriage. So if you're looking for compassion, you'll find it in the last place you'd expect - the office of your Washington divorce lawyer.

Our philosophy focuses on giving back to the community and making a positive difference. Although it can be hard to focus on positivity during a nasty divorce or child custody battle, we have the tools you need to resolve the family law issues you face. We understand the overwhelming emotions you are facing during this time and will do our best to help you meet your goals.

How a summary divorce differs from a traditional divorce

When a Washington couple divorces, the result is typically a lot of stress. Going through a divorce is never simple, but fortunately there is a process that can make things a little easier. A summary divorce is often available for couples who have very little in assets and have been married for a short time. It is important to find out more about the process and requirements involved.

Summary divorces are typically available for couples who have been married for fewer than five years. The amount of assets owned can be no more than $25,000 or $30,000 (not including vehicles). The couple does not have a mortgage, own any homes or have any children. In addition, neither spouse can ask for spousal support. Each state has its own requirements, so couples should check with their lawyers to determine which laws apply in their situations. With these requirements in place, there is very little to dispute. Because there are no children, the couple no longer has to be involved in each other's lives and they can go their separate ways.

Besides the parents, who else can petition for child custody?

When Washington residents think of child custody cases, they might imagine them occurring during divorce proceedings. However, child custody cases can take place at any time. The parents are not the only ones who can fight over custody, either. Grandparents, aunts and uncles can also petition for custody. This is called guardianship and may be granted in certain situations.

Most parents do a fine job raising their children. However, some mothers and fathers fail to look out for their child's best interests. Some neglect their children. Others physically or mentally abuse their kids. Some are addicted to drugs or alcohol and are in no position to care for themselves, let alone minors. When this happens, close friends, family members and anyone else interested in the child's welfare may want to step in and petition for guardianship.

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